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Daniele Creti
Executive Chef

My passion came from the aroma and flavour that I use to find in my grandmother’s dishes. I try to pass down the same passion through mine. I have been a chef for 14 years and I love this job as you never get bored: every day is different, and I would never give up the feeling of adrenaline that I get.


Ivano Veccia
Master Pizza Chef

My passion for my job started when I was a child: I made my first pizza when I was seven years old. I am very proud of my roots and the culinary tradition of Ischia which I try to pass down every time I make a pizza. My biggest satisfaction is knowing that my customers enjoy my pizzas and my work.

Peppe Aiello
Master Pizza Chef

I have been working with flour and water for 15 years! I love it and it is my passion! Ivano Veccia has been my mentor and, now, he is still with me to support me in any culinary adventures. I am very proud.


Alessandro Capotosti
Maître pâtissier

Anno 1986 nato tra le verdi colline di Subiaco tra le bellezza della terra e l'affetto di mia nonna che mi ha trasmesso l'amore per la cucina ma soprattutto per i dolci. Che devono essere rigorosamente buoni, belli e pieni di emozioni. Dopo la scuola alberghiera ho subito iniziato a lavorare per i più importanti alberghi e ristoranti tra cui il St Regis Grand , programmi televisivi come conduttore, tutor e consulente affermandomi nella ristorazione romana negli ultimi anni.


Miro Caruso

I love interacting with customers and being able to recommend the best combination of food and drink. I credit myself on being friendly; I like to put myself in the customer's shoes. Combining a good service with good food is essential.


Riccardo Martellucci

Ricercare, conoscere, sperimentare nuovi sapori e odori, mixandoli tra loro, soddisfando la clientela del locale, sorprendendola indovinando i loro gusti, aiutandoli così a dimenticare le fatiche della giornata e comunque semplicemente a gratificarsi.

Alessio Navacci

Amo il mio lavoro perché espressione di creatività. Mi regala emozioni uniche Dandomi la possibilità di esprimermi e condividere il mio pensiero con gli altri. Il mio valore aggiunto sicuramente è la  valorizzazione del "made in Italy”. Amo miscelare e lavorare materie prime che ci hanno Resi unici in tutto il mondo.


Simone Pellegrino
General Manager

If you have a dream, work hard to make it real! Those are my “ingredients” for QVINTO’s success. My way of working is the following: create a winning team, enhancing its traits/skills and its different hopes, and one can achieve great success. You always win as a team! My greatest joy is to see my clients and my team satisfied.

Monica Valentini
Guest Service Manager

I love my job as it requires a constant commitment and excellent managerial capabilities, but also (and most importantly) lots of love and passion. It is the passion for this job that means you can achieve and give satisfaction – something you see through our customers’ smiles and gazes. Each client is considered part of our family and any time that they come back to our restaurant, it will feel like going back home. One of the pleasures of life is to eat well and, if so, when you do it with family, nothing more is missing.

Valerio Azzolina
Assistant Restaurant Manager

I have been working in the restaurant business for 10 years and for me, it’s been a real journey. Meeting the needs of customers is my ultimate goal. There is nothing more gratifying than providing an excellent service to our customers. My colleagues are my family and together, we achieve great results.

Edoardo Bernardini
Assistant Service Manager

Love for my work stems from the desire to make our customers happy. To achieve this goal, great commitment, absolute dedication and the awareness of being part of an extraordinary group are necessary. Every person who crosses the Qvinto threshold is a precious asset. Precisely this leads me to give my best to realize the desire of each of them.

Luisa Litta
PR & Event Manager

Working with and for each guest, the feelings experienced working on any event are an immense joy. ??I believe that a smile is the best way to treat every customer. It’s also the best thank you to get from a customer for realising the event just as they wanted. I’ve worked in events for over 10 years. What started as a game for me ultimately became my dream job.

Nicoletta Giordano
Event Planner Manager

My passion for events was born several years ago in London, I love my job because it is a continuous emotion, it allows me to be in contact with people and see happiness in their eyes, and when everything is accompanied by a wonderful team the results are just great successes!

The Boss

Nel mio ristorante faccio un pò tutto, sono il Boss e tanti umani che lavorano quì dipendono da me. La sala è il mio regno e mi piace da matti. Con il mio olfatto mi assicuro che in cucina fili tutto liscio e nel frattempo, dalla mia poltrona, controllo tutti quelli che entrano nel mio bel ristorante, sia i miei amici cani che tutti gli umani. Il mio motto? Bau Different!